Friday, March 25, 2016

This "Somewhere in the world . . . " is for every young lady out there in high school who gets socially ignored . . . sometimes you are too nerdy, too dark, too light, too quiet, or just too "you" . . . hang in there girl, and things will get better . . .trust me I know . . .

Somewhere in the world . . . a girl had a major crush on a boy at her school.. she had this crush on him for many years, but he does not even know she is breathing. Despite that, she finally got up the nerve to write him a note and slipped it into his locker without anyone seeing her . . . days went by and she got no response . . . she passed him in the hall, saw him at social events and he did not even look in her direction. One day in the hall she saw him walking toward her and there was no one else around so she thought this would be her big chance to say something to him . . . as he got closer to her she could feel her heart about to jump out her chest, but she flashed him the biggest smile and said, "Hi! Did you get my note?" He is so cool, so confident, so cocky, and so fine but he managed to put the most puzzled look on his face, looked at her and said, ". . . . and you arrrrrrrrrre . . . .?"

She hangs her head and walks away . . .

15 years later, the same girl, who is now a well accomplished lady is at a prestigious conference being held in a hotel in DC. As she struts out of the main room into the hall wearing a bad ass outfit I might add, she takes two steps while looking down at her phone and bumps into "someone." She looks up and it is her crush from high school. She blinks quickly, looks at him and says politely, "excuse me, I apologize for bumping you." He looks at her, smiles big, and laughs and says, "No problem!! How are you? Do you remember me?" She looks at him and he is still fine as hell . . . damn . . . so deep down inside she wants to say, "Yes!! How are you?", but she figures revenge is much sweeter . . .so instead she manages to put the most puzzling look on her face, looks at him and says, ". . . . and you arrrrrrrrrre . . . .?"


Listen up for Interviews with two Hip Hop Legendary DJs!

Coming soon! My conversations with two legendary DJs,  MixMaster Ice and DJ Scratch! Listen as they share what they feel makes a real DJ . . .also they answer the question, "Is hip hop dying?" while talking about the state of hip hop today.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


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